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Hello to all my lovely people taking the time out of their day to see what topic I’m going to ramble about next.

You are my favorite followers and I thank you for dedicating time to me. That’s a big deal because time is the one crucial thing you can’t get back. Okay I’m sorry for getting all serious. On to the real reason we’re here.

I recently went on a little vacation. That consisted of 3 days and 3 nights in Miami. It was the best mini vacation I’ve ever taken because it was just pure fun the entire time. No worries. Just music, friends, and beach. I love Florida so much. I’ve been to Miami before but I was still so excited to come again.

If you’ve never been to Miami you should add it to your bucket list. If you’re planning on going and are looking for some insight into what to do, where to stay, etc. then keep reading.

So when I went on vacation it was great and all but part of what made it so easy peasy was due to the fact that I had everything planned out ahead of time. It honestly took a weight off my shoulders to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting from spot to spot, where we would eat, where we would stay. All of that was taken care of and I’m so glad it was. When planning vacations follow tips to make it easier.


When we booked our flights, I was looking for the cheapest deal. While I was looking on the internet I came across Spirit again. I had seen Spirit before but had never flew with them. There prices were noticeably cheaper than other airlines so we jumped on it. You pay a bare fare price and then pay for your bags separately. Bags weren’t that expensive but your best bet is to get them when you book your flight.

I can tell you we had a decent experience with the airline. I liked that they had self tagging stations but we had to drop the bag off with an attendant so I guess we were still waiting in a line. We boarded the plane promptly at 5:15 for 6:00 am takeoff.

Then we got delayed a whole hour because the skies were apparently bad over where we had to fly. Wished they would’ve told us that before. But overall it was a decent airline and I will probably fly with them again.

The last time I flew Delta and it was amazing. The seats were soo comfortable and there was ample room for your feet. Hell the seats were even bigger than this time. I had great flight attendants each time which I loved.


The cheapest and best thing to do when going on vacation and finding a place to stay is through Airbnb. Airbnb provides you the opportunity to rent an actual apartment to skip the tourist feel. This ensures more privacy than staying at a hotel. Pricing is tremendously better and you can save a lot of money.

Staying at a hotel is cool but it is really expensive. Switching to Airbnb has saved so much money.


There are so many places in the heart of Miami that you can eat. We were also in Sunny Isles Beach. During that time, we had a Mother’s Day brunch for all the mom’s that were on vacation and away from their little ones (all the girls)!

We walked from our Airbnb to this restaurant in about 6 minutes down Collins Ave. It was so busy and the area around the restaurant was just nice. We expected the restaurant to be a little pricey because it was a rather fancy place. Tony Packo’s is the place. This one was also fancier than the ones in Ohio.

They have ribs to die for and I say that heavily because not all ribs are very good.

There is also a Sugar Factory in the Miami area. Actually two located on Ocean Drive (very famous and main road in Miami) and Lincoln Road. The place is amazing and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. But there are so many great places to eat in Miami like Little Havana.

Things To Do

There are so many things to do in Miami, better yet Sunny Isles Beach. That is where we stayed because it was cheaper than staying downtown Miami (though it’s on our list of where to stay next time), but it was still spectacular. Jetskiing on the beach is a big thing and there were so many people doing it! I was not one of them but it is something awesome to do! In Sunny Isles Beach it was $150! Not too shabby.

The have a great aquarium in Miami. Miami Seaquarium is a great place to go with yourself and even better if you have the kiddos. General Admission was $45.99 for adults and $35.99 for kids but you save $2 if you buy your tickets online. There was so much to see and so many exhibits to take part in! It was as good as another aquarium we went to!

While we were in Miami this last time, we had the chance to attend a three-day hip-hop music festival and I loved every minute of it! It is called Rolling Loud and it was one of the best things I ever did vacation-wise. It seriously brought me so much joy and I created so many memories. It was $300 for a three-day pass and we seen over 60 different artists!

They have this festival once in Miami and twice in California. The setup of the three stages made it easier to have so many artists perform and made the areas less crowded so you could see the stage from wherever you stood!

These three photos courtesy of Rolling Loud.

An obvious thing to also do in Miami is spend quality and sufficient amount of time at the beach. It is so relaxing and nice to be around especially in the heat. Staying close to one was a dream come true for us! We literally took at 4 minute walk and would be right on the beach. Awesome right>


When flying to a city you don’t live in, transportation to each destination is something that sits heavily in your mind but guess what? I’m gonna let you in on a secret.

Uber or Lyft is the way to go! And when you have more than yourself riding you can split up the cost! If you are going to multiple palces, you will rack up quite a lot of transactions from either one but it beats walking.

An even better thing to do is renting a vehicle. We did for the first day and it was such a luxury to have. We were given a 2018 Nissan Altima and I loved every minute of it. It saved so much money the first day.

If drinking is something you know you will be doing a lot of then skip using the rental for that night and call and Uber or Lyft driver to pick you up. If you are at a very busy event like we were, it will take a long time and a lot of money to get a driver for your party because the first night we waited 1.5 hours and paid someone $100 to drive us 16 miles. *face palm*

There are seriously so many things to do in the beautiful city that I truly believe never sleeps! When we left for our flight at 5am we saw some famous people leaving the club. Doesn’t that sound fun?

If you ever get the chance to take a visit to Miami or you are searching for answers on what to do, where to go, then I hope this helps give you some sort of idea. It is one of the best places I have ever visited and I’m not sure if it is because I was born in Florida or what but I love visiting and going to the beach.

It is truly paradise.


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